Outstanding Infusions
Herbbrewer Tea - Quality Convenience
The award-winning design of the herbbrewer enables us to fill it with premium quality herbs, vegetables and spices.
Our unique filter technology allows these natural herbal ingredients to unfurl and lend their full flavour and beneficial nutrients to each herbal infusion.
This combination of the best herbal ingredients and a unique brewing technology results in delicious, health-boosting infusions that are on a different level to conventional tea bags.
Herbbrewer Tea - Infusion
Herbbrewer Tea - Best In Test
Tested by the Danish Institute of Technology. Read full test report here.
Herbbrewer Tea - Infusion Effect
When we asked the Danish Technological Institute to conduct laboratory tests comparing a herbbrewer infusion with tea made from a tea bag, the results were staggering. The infusion made using our brewing technology delivered a brew that was fifty times more potent than conventional herbal tea.
Brew In The Bag
Click off cap, open & shape bagAdd hot water and close zipper
Brew 5 - 7 min(mild - strong)
Serve & enjoy!2 x 200 ml cups
Brew the same tea 2-3 times
Empty pack & refill multiple times
Brew pre-packedtea 2-3 times
Empty andrinse the bag
Re-fill withfresh tea